Monday, February 27, 2006


Buckeye Crab Races

What the heck are Buckeye Crab races, you ask??? Well, I was asking myself the same thing last week. My husband and I belong to our local Moose Lodge here in our little town. Saturday nights they usually have a band or dance with a DJ and serve a fabulous dinner. This past Saturday, however, we were treated to crab races. I went ( mostly for the fish fry they served that night) and had the best time ever.

There is a "racetrack" set up. The man doing it brings along his crabs ( crawlers, he informs us, not hoppers- blush) we pick the hermit crab we think is going to bring us to victory. There is an entry fee. One catch, you must pick up your own crab! Yes, reach into a bin with 100 other crabs and pick it up and hand it to the guy. From there, you name your hopeful crab. After everyone has chosen, we go over the rules......1. no blowing your crabs 2. no banging your crabs 3. no pointing at your crabs and finally 4. no leaning over the finish line. (I cant help but giggle as I type this. ) Our crabs our placed in the center of a round track. When our host lifts the cover, you should have heard the commotion. People screaming out, "go Disco", " go Speedy", "go you stupid lifeless crab". The races are comprised of 12 heats. The winner of each heat then goes on to the "Championship Run". My poor crab, "Scooby" ( thus named because of his green shell emblazened with a characature of Scooby Doo) was not a winner, but we had a ball!!!

I cant wait for April, when we have our next chance at crab races!!!

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