Monday, October 16, 2006


Hermit crab racing-revisited

Ok, I admit it. Im a crab racing junkie! Yes, Terry the Crab Guy was back at our local Moose Lodge this weekend. Saturday night we went back. The lodge arranged it so that the kids could participate this time, too. My daughters eyes were bulging from the excitement. Gretchen, my 10 year old, and I both won a "heat". Or, should I say, Sparkle and Fluffy won their heats. LOL. However, we did not finish in the top 3. The Buckeye Crab races t-shirt with "come out and catch the crabs on the back" has eluded me yet again.

3 weekends ago, was my husbands, Brett, 20th year high school reunion and we booked the crab guy. Told you I was a junkie.

If you would like to read a cute article with pictures, I googled one and am posting the link.

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