Monday, October 23, 2006


Oversleeping affects everyone.........

Darn it, I overslept this morning. As a result, the girls and I were rushing around getting ready, getting some food that vaguely resembled breakfast, making sure everything was in their backpacks ( even though I did check the night before). But.............I forgot that my oldest had safety patrol and had to be there 20 minutes early. As we passed the crosswalk and I saw her patrol partner standing in the freezing cold all by herself, I felt horrible. My poor daughter, felt guilty as well and cried on the way to school, sure that she had lost a good friend and will be kicked off of safety patrol. Ah, the mind of a 10 year old. I hope her day gets better.

As I type this, I just realized..........I forgot to give them lunch money. Oy! I hate Mondays!!!!

Possibly the reason I overslept and suffer from CRS ( cant remember shit), is that Im over committed to too many things. This weekend is going to be rough. Friday, I have to help with 2 class parties, a slumber party that somehow is now going to be at my house instead of the one who's idea it was to begin with. Saturday, my girls have play rehearsal at 9:00 am, then Dh and I are going to a halloween dance that night ( that Id just as soon not go to now), then Sunday Im helping with a party at the lodge for the kids. We are doing a haunted house that will look like crap because there are only 3 people helping. I am one of them. I hope it turns out for the kids.

Wish me luck!

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