Tuesday, December 26, 2006


A Christmas I wont soon forget

I cant believe Christmas is here and gone. Im doubly suprised that it has been 2 months since my last post. It has been crazy preparing for the Holidays. But, what a let down.

Christmas Eve morning, my 8 year old awoke with a high fever and a terrible sore throat. After taking her temperature, we determined that her fever was 103.1. My other daughter is notorious for spiking fevers, but this child rarely goes above 99. So, with it being the holiday AND a Sunday, we took her to the ER. After being "assessed", the "assessor" tells us that her fever is "only 99", but takes us back to a room. Chest X-rays are performed. Im thinking, "Did I say she was having trouble breathing?" She wasnt. Sore throat, fever, stuffy nose. Hardly justifying chest X-rays. Grrrrr.We get back the doctor comes in for all of about a minute and a half to tell us she has strep throat and he will write a prescription. An hour and a half later, a nurse comes in to ask what we are being seen for.........um.......we've been seen, we are waiting on a script from the doc. She had our room as being empty. Grrrrrrrrrr. She goes to find the doctor and the script. 30 minutes later, she comes in to go over our prescription and sign out. She wants to check my daughters vitals one more time...............her temp is 103.7!!!! I told that nitwit that checked her out the first time it was 103.1, but she works in a hospital and Im only a mom who doesnt know as much as her. I know enough to know that if you dont keep your mouth shut while taking your temperature that you will get a false read. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So, the nurse needs to go back and find the doctor AGAIN to tell him about this. 30 more minutes she comes back with Tylenol AND Motrin to take together. Forget that we have our coats on and ready to go out the door to the Pharmacy, which also carries both of those.

I get my baby home and in bed and take care of her all day. I didnt care that it was Christmas Eve and I didnt have anything done. I just wanted my baby well. Christmas Day, my 10 year old woke up with it.

We had to cancel Christmas dinner at our house and move it another family members house. A portable holiday. My family spent it together alone, quietly, munching on "left befores" that we scooped out before taking the food to grandmas house.

Everyone is exhausted and the girls still arent well. We are visiting our family doctor today and hope that the girls will soon be on the mend.

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